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Entrevista a Antonio Giacca


A continuación podéis leer la entrevista que realizamos vía email al deejay estadounidense Antonio Giacca, del cual al final de la entrevista subimos un par de temas suyos para que conozcáis un poco más sobre su música: 'Inflexions' (que consiguió el octavo puesto en la lista progressive house de Beatport) y 'Majestic'.

Esperamos que os guste.

En nuestra tercera entrevista a lo largo de estos cuatro años, y la primera de esta quinta temporada esta vez es el turno para Antonio Giacca, deejay que se autodefine productor de sonidos progressive house y techno. Rescatamos una cita suya del año 2011 que le define a la hora de componer:

“I work around the clock, because when I wake up I start composing. My best tracks come from my dreams.” Antonio Giacca.

First of all, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of having this interview. Wilf has been very kind again.

Thanks to you for giving me this opportunity… And yes I agree with you, Wilf is one of the nicest guys in the industry.

Currently, there are no Spanish djs in the DJ Mag Top 100, despite names like DJ Chus, Albert Neve, Wally López or Juanjo Martín who are very appreciated all over the world, do you know any of them? Or can you tell us other names you know?

I was pretty surprised to see that, Spain has always been one of the most forward thinking countries when it comes to the electronic music movement. There are, as you mentioned, plenty of big Spanish DJs highly respected and appreciated worldwide and to be very honest with you I don’t think the DJ Mag top100 accurately reflects the real list of who’s doing real damage on the clubs around the world. I mean people like Wally Lopez have been pioneering the whole movement and are well recognized and appreciated all over the world.

Do U like Spanish dance music? What can you tell us or know about this?

Yes I definitely do! I grew up DJing between Italy and Spain and really enjoyed and admired the fact that Spanish DJs are not afraid to push the boundaries musically. This was very important for me and very inspiring… I mean this is why places like Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona have hosted some of the most well known parties in the world.. They push the limits and try new things!

Your name is not yet very known in Spain, so, what can you tell us about your style music?

Well that’s probably because it’s only recently I started to attach my own name to my productions! My new sound, the one which I will be using under my own name, would fit under the “progressive house” and “techno” styles. It’s a mixture of melodic, dramatic breakdowns and pumping minimal techno sounds on the drop…

Are you currently working as resident DJ in any disco? What style is the most demanded in sessions in the USA?

Not at the moment but I am actually starting my first USA residencies in Vegas and Los Angeles at the beginning of 2013.

With whom have you been working/collaborating lately? And what can U tell us about these works, how you feel about mixing or working for these djs/artists?

I have a lot of projects going on right now as well some “surprise” collaborations and remixes with some of the top progressive house DJs of the moment… More to come soon, I don’t want to ruin the momemtum!

According to you, what are your main contributions in the studio? If U could collaborate or make a tune with any singer/deejay/music band, which one would be the chosen one?

Wow, so many to mention! On top of my mind for singers I’d say it gotta be Bjork or one of those old school divas who can actually sing their ass off like Aretha Franklin or Mina. On the DJs side, my idols in the studio are legends such as Axwell or Eric Prydz and for the new generation I’d definitely would love to make a track with Nicky Romero.

What do you think about the health of current electronic dance music (EDM)?

It’s been growing a hell lot lately but things are getting a bit too static, too many people making the exact same music so I think it’s time to shake things up a little and come up with new ideas or else EDM rise is going to stop soon!

Are social networks useful in your career? Do you use them often?

Yeah, social networks are definitely very important for any musician’s career although I am not really the guy who’s the most passionate about them… I much prefer being out playing and talking to people face to face or spend time at the studio making music… I am not really into taking pictures of my food to post on Instagram or tweet the fact that I am about to go to the gym like most other artists! LOL

Will we see Antonio Giacca mixing in Spain?

Yeah, I’d love to play in Spain again.. it’s been a while since I played there last and I am planning to have a residency in Ibiza in 2013…

Can you give us your djs top 5?

Hmmm… that’s a hard one to answer… there’s definitely way more than 5 that I love and respect… but on top of my mind I would say:

Eric Prydz
Nicky Romero
Orjan Nilsen

What do you listen to in your free time?

Well I can never stop listening to electronic music, the very same stuff I listen to in the studio or play in clubs but I also love ambient, chill out, classic music and love songs… Anything but pop music really!

Anything else U want tell us...?

I just wanted to thank you once again for having me around, if you like my music please go get some of my stuff that I made exclusively for my fans to download for FREE here on this page: www.giacca.dj/free

Again, thank you so much for Ur time and for this interview and thanks to Wilf for setting it up. We hope see you very soon in Spain. Thanks and good luck!

Thank you guys, see you in Spain soon!

This interview has been made thanks to Wilf Libgott.
And thank you so much to Antonio Giacca for making it possible

Wilf Libgott [Hammarica Management]
Management / Public Relations / DJ Bookings

 Antonio Giacca 'Majestic'

Antonio Giacca 'Inflexions'

Pictures from www.antoniogiacca.com

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