viernes, 1 de enero de 2016

Podcast: Tranceguerian

Si les quedó ganas de más fiesta esta nochevieja; hoy día 1 estrenamos el 2016 en Onda Dance con el primer podcast de Aguerian dedicado a lo mejor del Trance.

1. Force Of Gravity (Fisical Project Remix) by Paul Di White
2. Artefact by Rodg
3. Dynamo by Paul Thomas & Shadow Of Two
4. Erinyes by Chris Schweizer
5. Gotham Serenade [New York City] by Markus Schulz and Fisherman & Hawkins
6. With You by Pearson & Hirst
7. Goliath by DoubleV vs Antillas & Dankann
8. Pitch Black by Jamie Waker
9. Trascend by GLAED
10. To The Sun by Alex Ender
11. Rise Of The Era by Andrew Rayel
12. Arise by LTN
13. Origami (Ferry Tayle Emotional Mix) by Dimension
14. Retro Machine by Rafael Osmo & Linnea Schossow
15. If It Ain't Dutch (Fisical Project Re.Uplift) by Armin Van Buuren and W&W
16. Don't Hurt by Binary Finary & Dreamy ft. Natalie Gioia
17. La Jolla by Arcuate
18. Freedom by Aimoon
19. Indifeerence (Aldo Henrycho pres. Optimystique Remix) by Ruslan Device
20. Flux (Angel Ace Remix) by Oldfix
21. Flashes Of The Past by Cold Rush
22. Sundown by Alex van ReeVe & Kinetica
23. Valiant by Fady & Mina
24. Graboid by Kickstone & Jose Solis
25. Panorama by Eddie Bitar
26. Into Your Eyes by Stephane Badey
27. Without You by Aly & Fila ft. Susana
28. Breaking Point by Sneijder & Mark Leanings

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