sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2015

Podcast World: Tranceguerian

¿120 minutos con todos los palos del Trance? No hay problema, como cada semana Aguerian nos lo sirve para disfrutar de lo mejor del Trance.

1. Aeternum by BELLVM
2. Zodiac by DRYM
3. Crime Of Passion by Probspot
4. Whoere Do We Go (Ruben De Ronde Mix) by Tenishia & Ruben de Ronde ft. Nanje Nowack
5. RAMnesia (Andrew StetS Remix) by RAM
6. Komorebi by Super8 & Tab
7. Save My Night (MaRLo Remix )by Armin Van Buuren
8. Unification by Ali Wilson & Chris North
9. Rain by Craig Connelly
10. The Next Episode by Bjorn Akesson & Sied van Riel
11. Darksome by Alex Ender
12. Sky0cean! by Daniel Kandi & Max Braiman
13. The Pursuit by A.R.D.I.
14. Arashi by Chris Metcalfe
15. Rays Of Light by Astuni & Manuel le Saux
16. Hijacker by Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones
17. Riptide by David Forbes
18. Nero by Sneijder & Giuseppe Ottaviani
19. I've Got The Power (Talla 2XLC v Cold Blue Remix) b yAlex Di Stefano
20. Wake Up Call (Will Rees Remix) by Bryan Kearney
21. Amity (Bjorn Akesson Remix) by Eximinds & Venom One ft. Christon
22. Apocalypse by Scott Bond & Charlie Walker
23. Save Me by Maria Healy
24. Sacrosanct by Factor B
25.Generation Trance by Skylex
26.Sonorus by Darren Flynn
27.Event Horizon by Stephane Badey

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