lunes, 25 de enero de 2016

Podcast World: Tranceguerian

Tras una semana de descanso Tranceguerian regresa y nos deja de nuevo las dos horas más potentes con todo lo nuevo del Trance mezclado por Aguerian.

1.Strange Objects (Chicago Loop Remix) by Hackler & Kuch
2. G2 by Same K & Muvy
3. Generation by DRYM
4. Influence by Alexander Spark
5. Pi Xiu by Sean Murphy
6. Satellite (Koro) [Eximinds Remix] by Antillas ft. Moscow Noir
7. Parade by Alex Wackii & Jean Clemence
8. Air For Life (Airwave Remix) by Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor
9. Mahana by Pierre Pienaar
10. Alteri by Ruslan Radriges
11. Against The Flow (Solarstone Pure Remix) by Stine Grove
12. Oculus by Tomas Heredia
13. Hello Morning by Rospy (SPANISH LABEL: Entrance)
14. Sakhnin by Mohammed Khalila
15. Revelation by Niko Zografos
16. Sundown In Coldstream (Hiroki Nagamine Remix) by Factor B
17. Perfection by Mhammed El Alami & Naoufal Lamrani
18. Data Ghost by Arctic Moon
19. Saturn by Chronosapien & Javii Wind (SPANISH LABEL: Entrance)
20. Challenger by Cold Rush
21. Santiago by Temple One
22. Ice BreakerbyStephen Kirkwood
23. Between Future And Past by Flatlex (SPANISH LABEL: TFB)
24.The DragonflybyAllen & Envy
25. Lost Connection (Andres Sanchez Uplifting Remix) by Jochen Miller (BOOM OF THE WEEK)
26. InThe End (Eddie Bitar Rework) by Linkin Park

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