viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

Podcast World: Tranceguerian

Hoy se nos adelanta un poco pero sigue con su potencia. Los 120 minutos más potentes con todos los palos del Trance, con Aguerian como director.

1. Memories by Andrew Bayer
2. Enceladus by Sunny Lax
3. Zenith by M.I.K.E. Push vs. Rank 1
4. Together (In A State Of Trance) by Armin Van Buuren
5.Superchargher by Johnny Yono
6. Drop by Shogun
7. Kakariko by Duncan Newell
8. I'ts Killing Me by Heatbeat
9. Won't Sleep Tonight by Super8 & Tab
10. Epoch by Airbase
11. Trivial Things by Alex Ender
12. Hyperborea by Luke Terry
13. #OnFire by Abstract Vision & Aimoon
14. Luminous by UDM
15. Tears Of Lys by Adam Ellis ft. Aylin
16. I've Got The Power (Signum Signal Remix) by Alex Di Stefano
17. This Is Our Time by Milan Van Skyler
18. Resoltion by Aalto
19. Stolen Beauty by Angel Ace
20. Nimbus by Oliver Smith
21.High Vibration by Cold Rush & The Cracken
22.Split Second by Talla 2XLC & Daniel Skyver
23.Saffire by Allen & Envy
24.One Tear Away by Miroslav Vrlik
25.Hive [A] by Sean Tyas

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